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The Founder of Encompass Fitness, John Micheal, is building a new type of fitness business. Encompass Fitness is unlike any other fitness company because they believe in holistic health. Each and every person is unique and requires a specialized fitness program. At Encompass Fitness, we want our athletes to be covered in all aspects of their lives. These 6 different aspects include:

Emotional - The ability to understand and control emotions

Financial - The ability to budget and spend in ones monetary situation

Intellectual - The ability to problem solve, organize, and think creatively to expand ones knowledge

Physical - The ability to move and move well

Social - The ability to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships

Spiritual - The ability to live with meaning and serve a bigger purpose

There is more to fitness than being strong or going to the gym consistently. We have partnered with dietitians, chiropractors, and counselors to ensure our athletes have more than the physical aspects covered. We seek to add more services/partners as we grow to ensure full fitness coverage. 

We wish to maximize the potential of all our athletes by targeting more than physicality. Being mentally strong is as important as being physically strong. Fitness shouldn't be one sided and we strive every day to bring about a new era of fitness.

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Founder: John M. Reyes

John M. Reyes, Founder/Coach

Born in McAllen, Texas, John Michael earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Texas. He enjoys watching Formula 1 and playing recreational sports. He now resides in Dallas.